We offer the following groups for Children, Teens and Parent Support:

 Group therapy is a wonderful way for children, teens and parents to gain skills and realize they are not alone in their struggles. 

We have several groups in rotation throughout the year. We offer all the following groups below: 

Social Skills Groups for Children for ages 6-8 and 10-12 

Play, art, and games are used to help children learn positive skills. Topics include: conversations, joining groups, rejection, assertiveness, social problem-solving, cooperation, giving and receiving compliments, empathy, awareness of feelings, and good sportsmanship. The group is designed for kids who struggle with with friendships,  because they are too shy or anxious. too bossy and loud and have trouble reading social cues. Parents will be engaged in how to help your child at home.

Take the Grr Out Of Anger Group for ages 6-8

A small group for elementary aged children to better understand how anger can explore like a volcano and hurt ourselves as well as others around us.

Middle School Girls' Group for ages 10-12

Middle school group focused on building girl's self-confidence, improving communication, problem-solving. stress management, social media, exploring body image, and developing healthy peer relationships. Space is limited.

Stuck In The Middle Process Group for ages 10-12

A group for middle grade students where they can learn to create positive and supportive relationships with others, promote self-image, and develop conflict resolution skills 

Life Transition Process Group for ages 11-14

A group for students going through difficult life transitions where they can learn to process their grief and loss, create a vision for future, and learn to manage emotions in healthy ways. 

Teen Process Group for teen girls and boys ages 14-17.

Develop self-esteem, build healthy relationships, manage stress and learn conflict resolution skills. Space is limited.

Child-Parent Relationship (CPRT) Training

If you struggle with how to manage your children's fighting and arguing with each other, this parent group is for you. Parents will learn effective ways to work through sibling conflict and have a more peaceful home. 

Parent and Caregiver Support Group

A group for parents and caregivers to connect with others who understand what it means to have a child with challenges.

Educator Support Group

Come get support and connect with educators just like you. We offer practical tools to use in your classroom that will help you with relationship building with students and their families. 

Educational Leadership Support Group

A group for leaders in education who juggle the demands and responsible of their work environment. 

Please call the office at 713-234-7172 for dates and availability or check out our Facebook Page for the most updated information

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