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  • Thanksgiving: A Time for Gratitude for your Family
    Thanksgiving is a holiday that holds different meanings and traditions to different families, but many times the concept of thankfulness is central. Gratitude has often been studied in the social Read more
  • Things to Say Instead of “Stop Crying”
    The words “stop crying” are probably all too familiar. This may be either because they have come out of your mouth more than you’d like or because you heard them Read more
  • Back-to-School Jitters: Working Through School Anxiety
    By Jessica Morgan, LPC Intern Supervised by Brenda Lopez; LPC-S Parents, you did it! You survived summer vacation. A time where you are chauffeuring to soccer matches, movies, the zoo, and Read more
  • When to Power Down: Screen Time in the Summer
    By Jessica Morgan, LPC Intern Supervised by Brenda Lopez; LPC-S Transitioning from school to summer vacation varies for each family. For some families, the established school routines shift seamlessly to that Read more
  • My Decision to Redshirt My Son
    By Judi Dai, LPC Intern, Supervised by Charlene Rogers, LPC Supervisor I watch Indy play with other children all the time. I love studying him and figuring out little things about Read more
  • Mental Health Awareness Month
    By Lauren DiMaggio, LMFT Mental Health Awareness month flew by and I hope you remembered to take time for you! For parents its easy to be consumed by our kids to Read more
  • Overscheduled, Under Scheduled, or Just Right?
    By Jessica Morgan, LPC Intern Supervised by Brenda Lopez; LPC-S. No, this is not a line of text taken from another variant of the story featuring Goldilocks. It is a question Read more
  • Leaving Neverland
    By Sophie McCollum, LCSW The month of April is nationally recognized as Child Abuse Prevention month. Of those children abused, over ninety-five percent are abused by someone they know and Read more
  • Using Play Therapy Skills Toward a Happily Ever After
    I woke up this morning and already I'm one additional snooze behind on my usual 3-snooze day. I rushed around to get my routine started in order to make sure that everyone Read more
  • The Invisible String
    Bibliotherapy: The Invisible String In my roles as a therapist, teacher and mother, I have found books to be an invaluable tool. They have a way of helping a child process Read more
  • How to Help Your Teenage Cope With Stress
    Watching your child struggle with stress can be very difficult.  Whether your teen displays a blast of rage, is refusing to go to school, or cries before bed, helping a Read more
  • Play: A Child's Language
    I walked into a classroom of one year-olds. Out of the 6 children in this class, one stood out. Ava tried her hardest to climb onto the circular table where Read more
  • Being with your Family
    All schools are closed for the summer, which every school-aged kid is quite excited about but not the parents.  Children’s summer schedules were completed in March or April, and every Read more
  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month
    May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it is important that we recognize the number of people in the United states that suffer from mental illness. In 2016, an estimated Read more

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