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Are you worried about your child or teen? Have you tried everything you know to do and they are still struggling? Are you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed? We offer help for your child and hope for you.

Our team of therapists have training in a broad range of concerns for children, teens and families. We offer a compassionate and safe place to work on areas of life that are causing stress and difficulty. When you meet with one of our clinicians, you will find someone who will listen, provide support, and develop a personalized plan for your child. Our hope is that you will find the answers you have been searching for, and we can give you the tools to help your family function more smoothly.

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We have specialized credentials in Play Therapy which is developmentally appropriate for children ages 3-11, in Child Parent Relationship Training to help you parent effectively and in creative and evidence-based interventions for teens. Our therapists also help parents coordinate with school administration when needed.

Please call us at 713-234-7172  to request an appointment. Our practice is limited in volume so we can provide the quality of help that you and your child deserve. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you take the next step. 

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